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Voice Over Demo . Animation - Molly Alvarez
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**** [FOUR STARS] ...Hilarity ensues as Webster witnesses how his actions have affected those around him--including his crush, the adorable home economist, Daphne (Molly Alvarez). Aptly billed as the "'Damn Yankees' meets Ed Wood in a retelling of 'Faust,'" "Lost in Hollywoodland" has a little bit for everyone... The cast shines.
-Monika Fabian of     


The performances are the true star of this vehicle. The verve and singing in this show transcend the charmingly ultra-fringy cafetorium space at Our Lady of Pompeii... Molly Alvarez is delightful where other ingénues might be cloying.


The best part of your stew will be the comely Molly Alvarez as Rudolph’s girlfriend Clarice – and make sure that she whips up the entire stew with endearing choreography: It will prove to be the most delightful aspect that will keep your guests wanting more.

-Tony Frankel of Stage & Cinema


The cast members possess energy and strong voices, and generally do credit to the show's composition. Standout performances are given by Molly Alvarez, who deftly manages Daphne's transition from frumpy home economist to sexpot star... 
-Valerie Work of


"Lost in Hollywoodland" could join "Rocky Horror" or "Vampire Lesbians of the Sodom" in the cult faves section. Or maybe the New World Stages could scout this little honey before she signs on with some other studio. 

- Chris Harcum of

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